15 Most Popular Search Engines of All Times

Search engines, now, have become an inseparable part of our lives. With a click, you can access the world around you with search engines.

Search Engines

Given below are some search engines that are widely used across the world.

  • Google

    It needs no introduction. It is most widely used and most popular search engine. It was developed by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998. Recently, google incorporated changes in its algorithms and adopted Google Panda Update for delivering better search results to its users.

  • Bing

    It was launched by Microsoft, and was initially known as Live Search, Windows Live Search, and MSN Search. Bing uses now, the ‘Tiger’ indexing technology for indexing the pages.

  • Yahoo Search

    It is second largest search engine on the web, that was launched in 2003 powered by Bing. In July 2008, Yahoo! Search introduced a new service called “Build Your Own Search Service,” or BOSS. This service helped developers for indexing information and images by creating a custom search engine.

  • Alexa

    Alexa is a subsidiary company of Amazon.com, which was founded by Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat in 1996. Amazon acquired it three years later for about $250 million.

  • GigaBlast

    GigaBlast was developed by Matt Wells in 2000, that supports nested Boolean search logic using parentheses and infix notation. It indexes as many as ten billion web pages.

  • Lycos

    Lycos was launched in 1994. It is bonded with social networking, web hosting, entertainment websites and a network of email.

  • Live Search

    Live Search is again a Microsoft Search engine, that was formerly known as MSN Search and Windows Live Search.

  • AOL Search (American Online)

    AOL Search is the search engine powered by Google, launched in 1985. It is also an internet service provider.

  • Galaxy

    Galaxy was the first searchable internet directory launched in 1994.

  • All the Web

    All the web is a search tool, which is owned by Yahoo.

  • HotBot

    HotBot was launched by Wired Magazine in 1996, which is now owned by Lycos. However, HotBot is now just a front end for third-party search engines like Yahoo.com, and MSN, as well as Lycos own a website named lyGo.com.

  • Excite

    Excite was one of the widely acclaimed brands on the internet in 1990′s, it is a collection of internet sites and services owned by IAC Search & Media, which is a subsidiary of InterActive Corporation (IAC).

  • Go.com

    Go.com was created by Jeff Gold in 1995 and is owned by Walt Disney Internet Group, a part of Walt Disney Company.

  • Cuil

    Cuil search engine came up in 2008 but was less appreciated. It claimed to be the largest search engine, indexing 10 times more page than MS and three times more pages than Google.

  • AltaVista

    AltaVista is the segment of Digital Equipment Corporation’s Western Research Laboratory, that was launched in 1995. Later it was owned by Yahoo, which announced to discontinue it in 2010.

Search engine is the program that identifies the items from database for the query entered by the user. Global information will be just a click away. Above is the list of search engines that will make your search a quick and simple task.

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