How PHP Help Businesses Keep Pace with Advance Technology

The entire online market has undergone a drastic and exponential technology surge of late with latest technologies evolving frequently. It has made imperative for businesses of all segments to adapt to the latest technology to stay competitive in the global market. Everyone wants to grab a piece of the internet marketing pie!

PHP Help Businesses

PHP Worth

PHP has become one of the prominent scripting languages in this digital arena. There is full- fledged community of PHP developers, having accessed to the latest and advanced technologies. This makes PHP more worthwhile and widely popular.

Outstanding Features of PHP

One of the prominent features of PHP is that it is competent of handling large and heavy traffic websites. It also simplifies the various web programming tasks. It allows the developers to design and develop websites utilizing their own discretion. This offers the developers free hand to modify their websites given their preferences, which enhances organization’s productivity and reduces time consumption while promoting goods and services on internet.

Nonetheless, there are many languages and frameworks available today to create a creative and flexible website, PHP is one of the best open source frameworks to fulfill your web application development needs. As per Google search engine, PHP occupies 75% of the web server with net usage of overall 240 million websites and applications.

Benefits of PHP

A major advantage of PHP is that it uses a modular system of extensions to interface with variety of libraries like encryption, XML, and Graphics. In addition, the developers can extend PHP by writing some EXE files or directly create an EXE file and load it on to a web page.

Keeping updated knowledge about PHP language can become helpful to create advance websites or web applications that can make a strong impact on visitors. Your prior focus must be on how you make use of this platform and develop error free applications.

It also offers cost-effective and quality product. Professional PHP Developers can work on almost any kind of e-commerce portal and provide novel online shopping cart solutions. You can also save sufficient time by outsourcing your web projects to PHP developers.

However the online market is flooded with myriad of web development companies offering almost every service, selecting the right web development company, should be done with utmost care to get the most suitable solution to your business needs.

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Mr. Maulik Shah, the CEO of Bizteh Consultancy, has nurtured the company with his technocratic and entrepreneurial expertise, and also expresses his thoughts frequently on this blog. He can be found churning some brain storming ideas, if not involved talking with his clients.

Tips for Quality Website Designing

We come across an ocean of websites in the online world. Millions of online businesses promote their goods and services through their distinct websites. Some are successful in capturing the attention of prospective customers, while some are not. The sphere of online businesses hugely depends on the websites that market their businesses to global potential clients.
A website is not only essential for marketing of goods and services but is also a medium to create a strong online brand identity & presence. It opens up the door to millions of potential customers. Therefore Websites are the most crucial part of an online business. But it is not easy to create a quality website. Many important criteria have to be bear in mind while designing an attractive and user-friendly website. Website Designing is both an art and science in itself! It is indispensable to have a good website in this highly competitive online market place.

The following are some tips on Quality Website Designing:

  • It is very aptly said that “understanding your customer is the key to success”. Keeping in mind their exclusive requirements and then designing a website would surely give you great outcomes. Customer visits a website only if there is something meaningful to him. The ontent of the website should be attractive as well as flawless.
  • Deciding a domain name that suits your business will make it easier four your customers to find you on search engines.
  • Browser-friendliness of the website greatly helps in giving a mileage to your website. It causes minimum inconvenience to the customer.
  • Colour, theme, tone, Graphics and background should be selected properly so as to make the website eye-catching. But a quality website will bring results only if it is relevant to the content and gist of the matter included.  
  • Layout is another important aspect n designing a good website. Layout should be such that the website should load easily without any hassles. If the site you are designing is large, make sure that it must be include search option on your home page.
  • It is imperative for a website to be SEO-friendly.
  • The purpose of creating a website should be crystal clear. Whether it is for business purpose of non-business purpose should be carefully decided. If a website is for non-business purpose and is mainly meant for mass viewers then attempt should be made to make it visually- alluring.
  • A website should be properly organized and uniform in terms of content.
  • Frequently monitoring the website can greatly reduce the potential problems. Regular check of the links is a desirable practice. Adding information about the updates can make your website noticeable.
  • The contact information should be easily accessible to the customer avoiding any difficulty.
As you can see from the tips here, Website Designing is not a child’s play. It requires creativity as well as technical skill to create extra-ordinary websites. A website can be effect the most when it is designed correctly. The crucial challenge lies in making a prospective customer stay on a particular web page for a few seconds. You want your websites to both work correctly and look nice. Then he/she finds something interesting, he/she is likely to visit the website often. This can lead to a possibility of increased business.

About The Author

Mr. Maulik Shah, the CEO of Bizteh Consultancy, has nurtured the company with his technocratic and entrepreneurial expertise, and also expresses his thoughts frequently on this blog. He can be found churning some brain storming ideas, if not involved talking with his clients.

How to choose a Professional Web Design Company?

One of the biggest issues in web developer’s mind is that the accessibility of the website on different device like desktop or laptop. Going with this problem’s solution developers are keep their work continue of website designing. Confusions will occur when time has come to establishing foundations for colors, graphics, grids, texture and link. There the web designing companies are working for your solution.
With the arrival of Internet age, being present on the World Wide Web has become an absolute necessity for companies that want to grow big and establish a well recognised global presence. As such, a complete and effective website has become a bare necessity rather than a possession to take elation in.
Many Website Design Companies are mushrooming across the world to meet this growing requirement. All of them have several promises to give and wonderful services to offer. But every one cannot be the best! Now the question arises as to how should one pick out a Professional Web Design Company that fits his needs the best from a plethora of such service providers.
The best way of course is to know your product and its customers thoroughly. The kind of people purchasing your product definitely play a decisive role in determining the manner your website should be designed. After all, they are the ones who are frequently going to visit your site. But then, choosing a competent web design company for your organisation is solely your call.

Professional Web Designer

But then simultaneously, one also faces another important question – ‘when I know my business the best, why not design a website myself?’ the answer is simple. Just like you to use a mechanic to fix the pinging in your car engine, a plumber to redo the kitchen faucet and a tailor to shorten your pants, so do you hire a Professional Web Designer to design your website. The reason is, experts do a better job than amateurs.
There are diverse criteria based on which, a web design company could be chosen. These could be the services they provide, the methodologies they use, the quality of their work, their previous projects and not to skip, the added value that they deliver. But the most important point to take care of is, are the companies that call themselves professional truly professional?
Probably, this is the toughest question to answer. Professional web page designers spend their days creating web sites, building pages, tuning graphics for fast delivery, thinking about navigation of online-information, and keeping up on the bewildering array of new products, services, and design styles that appear on the Web. Most of them spend their nights and weekends doing this too. People who do not live the work they do are probably not experts at it.
James C. Armstrong, Jr. had rightly stated, "The most important thing I look for when outsourcing Web Site Development is that they understand that the purpose of a website is to present content efficiently, in an attractive manner." Chose only the Web Design Company that understands your business and its needs just as you do. It is only when they feel the essence of the business themselves, that they would be able to create a website for the business. Remember, your website should reflect the kind of business you are in.
Of course, secondary research comes handy while choosing a professional web design company. But the perfect way to shortlist prospective companies is through word of mouth. Listen what your business colleagues and competitors have to say about their web designers, and see what the similarity between their business and yours is.
Don’t go in for the least expensive choice. No doubt, cost effectiveness is the blood for businesses, but choosing the lowest bidder does not make sense. Costs would go up as your website become more interactive and attractive. But then that is exactly what you want. Don’t mind spending a few dollars more for something that could yield millions of dollars.
Finally, when you are done with choosing a web design company for your business, take care not to change it frequently. Be it a redesigning or a revamping work, stick to your trusted agency. After all, your family doctor knows your ailments the best and hence would prescribe the best!

About The Author

Mr. Maulik Shah, the CEO of Bizteh Consultancy, has nurtured the company with his technocratic and entrepreneurial expertise, and also expresses his thoughts frequently on this blog. He can be found churning some brain storming ideas, if not involved talking with his clients.

Importance of Good Website Designing in Current Era

The dawn of IT era has given birth to a virtual market-place. There has been a meteoric rise in the usage of internet for almost every purpose. Be it purchasing goods or booking tickets online, internet has brought far-reaching changes.
There a various organizations who promote their products and services online. A number of websites catch our attention everyday marketing infinite goods and services. In such a plethora of websites, it is utmost essential that your website catches the attention of the prospective customer.
Website Designing has assumed importance like never before. It is not only essential for a website to be informative but also to be attractive. It has to create a distinct place in the prospect’s psyche. In this cut-throat competitive market, having an online presence has become indispensable.
A website can be made easy and static with simple HTML format as well as made interactive with the help of Flash Presentation. If the website intends to promote a product it should be attractive, browser-friendly, unblemished and take less time to load. HTML pages loads very easily than flash web pages.

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A good website can enhance the online identity of an organization. It has the power to turn prospects into buyers. Good products and services coupled with an effective virtual presence can create wonders for organizations. Also, it is crucial for an organization to have a competitive advantage over others. A good website helps in achieving a strategic goal.
A good website places your business in the online market – place and open doors for millions of prospective customers. It is rightly said that the first impression is the last impression and therefore the use of tenor, colour, content and graphics in the website should be appropriate.

Effective Web Design

‘A customer once, a customer always’ is what every business holder aspires for. Retaining customers is more important than acquiring them. A good website design fulfills this motive. Now when a person’s life revolves mostly around the internet along with his friends, a good website plays an important role in what he buys and what he discusses.
An attractive website attracts good word of mouth and hence spreads at an amazing speed, and along with it spreads the name of the brand. Almost every company understands this fundamental piece of truth but most of them fail in implementing it properly.
This is what a good design caters to. Websites might help a business grow to tremendous expanses and they might be the causes of fall of businesses as well. A designer with a clear understanding of the clients’ business and the creativity he puts in the website play a decisive role in what businesses could be two to three years down the line.

About The Author

Mr. Maulik Shah, the CEO of Bizteh Consultancy, has nurtured the company with his technocratic and entrepreneurial expertise, and also expresses his thoughts frequently on this blog. He can be found churning some brain storming ideas, if not involved talking with his clients.