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Client visits Bring Onsite and Offshore Team Closer

A client visit to your website will decide upon your response from clients and sale so your website should be attractive and interesting for the client to go through and purchase. A web developer is a person who builds, design and maintain the websites. But nowadays there are people who call themselves web developers by simply designing webpages and graphics and then launching out the site.

Top 10 Reasons to Get ISO 9001:2000 QMS – An assurance of quality!

Many organizations in this part of the world stands certified for operating a Quality Management System as per the ISO 9001:2000 Standard rules. The very reason most of these companies have gone for certification is due to the specific commercial requirement of the market as the clients prefer those service providers that are an ISO certified company. These standards also create a means for ensuring consistency and the continual improvement of the processes used in running a business.

Technology Trends for 2013 and How they Affect your Business

With the upcoming new technologies that have been boosted in last few years, there have been revolutionary changes not only in our day to day life but also in the trends of businesses. Many trends have been able to take up the businesses on different level while many have also worked in a negative manner. 2013 has seen the latest trends of technology which have shown their own results on today’s business. The technology trends that are able to boost the performance of business have got a motivational support. 2013’s latest trends have been able to affect the business trends in a much positive way.

Tips on Project Support Services (PSS) in an IT Company

Success of any project depends on how efficiently it has been managed. Time and budget when wisely managed, the project would be a sure shot success. A project Support System (PSS) would be very helpful in such a time. With a well strategized PSS, you can effectively manage the time given to you by the client and the time you would need to complete it. It would help you complete the project before the actual time. You can achieve the goals in a better way with the help of PSS.

Business Analyst Role in Web Development Company

Can you think of any business to reach a successful position without any analysis? I do not think so. There has to be some channel which keeps a check on the ongoing business process and status. This is a crucial part of any business joint. This notch forms viewpoint of the whole project. This is often considered as a deciding stage of the whole web development process. At this moment all the angles of the project are thoroughly checked.

Why become a Technology Architect?

There are many fields in market now days among which you can choose the one which interests you and you think you can make your career in. Surrounded by so many choices, we often get confused about which one to pursue and this confusion can lead us taking up such a career often with which we can’t deal with in our future. This article focuses on the reasons why you should choose to become a design architect.

What makes a Good Domain Name?

Domain names are very crucial when it comes to launching a website. The success of a website greatly depends on what the domain name is. So, it is imperative for you to carefully decide on the domain name. This is the foundation for having a great website for your business.