Benefits of PHP Programming For Dynamic Websites

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admin in  PHP  on 22, Jan 2014
Today, Dynamic Websites are gaining increasing popularity due to their flexibility and scalability. Every Web Designer is expected to know and well understand the minute details of a dynamic website, and improve it, whenever the necessity arises. Everybody wants his website to be attractive, interactive, flexible and user friendly. And to make a website better in all these aspects, PHP language is the most preferred among programmers.
The benefit that makes PHP an outstanding language is that it is an Open Source Server Side Programming Language. Since it is already available in a particular form, it can always be customised by an expert according to the distinct needs of the business. Better performance and reliability makes PHP the choice of PHP programmers everywhere.

Benefits of PHP Development

  • The first and initial benefit of PHP programming is it is an open source server side scripting language and it’s absolutely free. It is very flexible and powerful language. Dynamic websites are most demanded because of its special characteristics and easy to use features. Dynamic PHP websites provides you more security and better usability.
  • PHP provides an upper hand while running multimedia technology.  Another feature that differentiates it is that it is not dependent on the external plug-ins to run the programs; instead it is executed by the servers and hence requires nothing from the end users. With the progress in technology and development in IT, PHP Programming has developed enough to fulfil various requirements of the clients which were not possible earlier.
  • Another interesting benefit of PHP is that it can be used on different types of operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Unix variants, RISC OS, Mac OS X, Linux and several others. Apart from this, it supports almost every web servers. Some of them are Microsoft Internet Information Server, Apache, Netscape, Personal Web Server, OmniHTTPd, Oreilly Website Pro server, Xitami and Caudium.
  • While discussing about PHP, it should also be mentioned that PHP allows for the outputting of PDF files, Flash movies and even images. It is also possible to output text in diverse forms like XHTML as well as any other XML file. PHP basically auto generates those files and saves them in the file system. The benefits of using PHP are truly endless.

PHP and Database

PHP supports a wide variety of databases, such as, Postgre SQL, Adabas D, InterBase, FrontBase,SQLite, dBase, Empress, mSQL, Direct MS-SQL, Solid, FilePro, Velocis, Sybase, Hyperwave, MySQL, Informix, Oracle, ODBC (Open Database Connection), Unix dbm, Ovrimos and Ingress.PHP also uses several protocols (such as, NNTP, POP3, IMAP, SNMP, HTTP, COM, LDAP).
Apart from all this, PHP has support for the WDDX complex data exchange between different web programming languages and instantiation of Java objects. On the other hand, for accessing and parsing XML documents, PHP 4 supports the DOM and SAX standards, whereas, PHP 5 standardizes most of the XML extensions on libxml2.
There is no doubt in the fact that since PHP websites have more features, they are considered to be better than the regular websites. A quality website is incomplete if PHP is not used to program it. Be it the profitability for the owner, or user friendliness for the end customers,PHP Development have been almost stamped to be the best.