Bespoke ECommerce Solution offered by Biztech Consultancy

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admin in  Web Development  on 27, May 2014
Making a good impression with your eCommerce shop is important to consumers in order to gain extra sales. Bespoke ecommerce website solution provides a unique professional ecommerce solution. This bespoke ecommerce website solution helps companies to reach a bigger share of the market and turn their product database national and worldwide. The websites are individually designed around the product database and their specific market place. The cost includes a professional bespoke design and the installation and configuration of the shopping cart system itself. You can also upgrade to any of the ecommerce plug-ins that we have available depending on your requirements.
Online business development tools are provides by bespoke ecommerce solution. The tools are able to handle the whole ecommerce process easily. By using the ecommerce system you can have total control on management of the products, whether they are single product or multiple products of your ecommerce site.

Why bespoke eCommerce is better than off-the-shelf?

Good eCommerce website Development should not be restricted or restricted by the ‘rules’ of off-the-shelf e-commerce software & shopping cart solutions. Many of the popular off-the-shelf E-Commerce solution providers generate e-commerce sites that share a common look & feel due to ‘layout rules’. Having a bespoke application developed for you can potentially provide you with major business and commercial benefits and allow you to gain significant competitive advantage. Bespoke applications are generally easier to use and can work around the way you do business, rather than the other way round.

Our bespoke eCommerce solutions provide:

  • all major credit and debit cards and/or PayPal
  • recognized certificates from Verisign
  • secure encryption
  • real-time authorization
  • Verified by Visa, MasterCard Secure Code, 3D secure compatible
  • easy to use shopping cart
  • document, software and product shops
  • related goods and shopping suggestions
  • robust and reliable

The Features of Bespoke Ecommerce solution

  • Bespoke websites are specially designed to fulfill customer’s requirements and it will be able to fit in your business development procedure or any organization which you wish to operate.
  • It can easily customized to make interface with other various software which you can operate with the ability to provide you with a fully integrated for your services provider organizations.
  • Customers are always in search of web store which is providing easy functionalities.
  • It provides more flexibility and easy way of customization that one can easily modify it overtime as per your requirements and also businesses needs.
  • You can get better support from developers if you talk directly with them in many of the cases.
  • If you get a good developer then than they can provide you best service out of the world and you can easily find out improvement of your business.
  • The professional developers provide you winning feeling in this strong business competition era.
  • You have all the rights of the application to sell and recover the all or some of the investment which you have done on your application.