Boost Magento Speed with the Magento LightSpeed Module

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admin in  Magento Extensions  on 6, Dec 2013

Want to increase the speed of Magento?
Do you want to decrease the number of servers?
And, are you in need of a solution that enhances your site’s shopping experience?
Then go for the Magento LightSpeed Module. It increases the Magento server response time then default slow Magento server time. Also this extension reduces HTML page loads to 0.1 – 0.4 seconds.

What is Light Speed?

What is Lightspeeed? LightSpeed is a high-performance caching module for Magento. It has been shown to improve page response by 10-15 times over other caching solutions.

Magento Light Speed Module – Overview

This Extension is a suite of caching modules which improves the speed of your Magento Store. The recent LightSpeed benchmarks are also improved with Magento’s Published Whitepaper EE Benchmarks from 15 to 330 transactions per second. It implies that you don’t need that much hardware as like they suggest. However, with LightSpeed, the Store runs on a single CPU, 1 GB ram server, in addition to 5 other web apps, for $20 month. This Extension is not for new developers. Technical expertise in Magento is a prerequisite for using this Extension.


With Lightspeed Magento Module, Magento web store can run on a single CPU, 1 GB ram server, in addition to at max 5 other web apps, for $20 month. That said, this module is not for novice developers: Magento Experience Required.


  • Modules are packaged with PEAR for simple install / uninstall
  • Reduces HTML load time up to 90%
  • Advanced Tagging options
  • Magento Page Cache
  • Dynamic content can be added with fully cached pages
  • Has qualified caching conditions
  • Reduced hosting costs
  • Reduces server needs

A professional Magento web developers and designers always dream to reach at the top position of Google ranking by their hard working but sometimes server issues and fewer website loading speed creates negative impression on search engine. In this situation Magento LightSpeed Module become helpful. There is not a single web developer who not aware of Magento LightSpeed Module. Magento Developers must prefer to use it in their web development work.