Building Flawless Shopping Carts with Magento

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admin in  Magento  on 15, May 2014
Online shopping has gathered tremendous momentum in tech era. There is no part of our lives which is untouched by technology. Various open source software exist over the web for building shopping carts. But, Magento has clearly made its mark in building impeccable shopping carts. Magento is based on the Zend framework that requires knowledge of PHP and object oriented programming languages like C or C++. It is one of the widely used e-commerce platforms. Magento Development is grabbing the attention of online stores owners from across the world.
Magento developers across the world use Magento to create shopping carts. Magento helps the companies in building multiple online stores. It enables the users to control the online functionality of the website by managing multiple online stores through a single source point. It also helps in developing search engine friendly web stores. Numerous organizations have their increased with the help of Magento.

Point to Take Care during Shopping Cart Development

  • The first thing to keep in mind is that to keep your website as much user friendly as possible. Simpler user interface of website attracts more visitors towards your website.
  • Try to make your E-Commerce website visually more appealing. It should not take more time to load. You can put more slide shows to attract more visitors.
  • Magento has great SEO features like build-in natural search engine optimization, metadata which is easily editable and social shopping tools like reviews and tags that support dynamic, product-related content.
  • It must be support much payment options as much as possible. The navigation should be perfect. One should not face difficult to find proper services and products.

Advantages of Magento Shopping Cart

  • Companies can display other products which are related to the product bought by the user during their check-out process. This is known as up-selling. With the help of Magento E-commerce Shopping Cart software, organizations can promote multiple items even before selling one product.
  • Magento has an in-built advanced AJAX interface which automatically updates shipping and billing. The customer can see the final figure of purchase on the same page without refreshing it.
  • Online store owners can customize Magento to suit their unique business requirements. One can customize the look, feel and layout of online stores. By customizing Magento CMS, administrators can add content at the checkout page also.
  • Magento enables users to browse through category-wise navigation. It filters the results based on the user’s requirement giving customized solutions to the users. For instance – one can create a Magento e-commerce store which will help users to browse through different categories of the product. If the product is bags, one can design various sub-categories for the product like: Price, Color, and Manufacturer. This feature helps the user in narrowing down search results. This tremendously helps in brand building activity of the organization.
However, one should be careful in hiring a Magento Development Company. Select a company which truly understands your vision and business requirements.