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A Quick Comparison between CakePHP & Symfony – Famous PHP Frameworks

In case you are confused regarding which php framework to use – cakephp or symfony, then here’s a comparison between them. The best thing about Symfony is that it is built based on real-time inaccuracies and therefore is receptive to a greater lobby of frameworks. Cakephp is remarkable when it comes to scaffolding code generation. One can immediately switch into building application and further accelerate the process with extensive reusable code from plugins and components in the Cakephp library.

Which one to choose – Cakephp or Ruby on Rails?

Cakephp and Ruby on Rails have been immensely popular for web application development. Both of them follow the MVC design pattern and adhere to the “Convention over Configuration” philosophy. Both of them also support AJAX and have an almost identical directory structure. They are very OOP-like. They have their own shells for command-line interface stuffs. They both support caching. They support different databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc-). And lastly, both the frameworks are released under the MIT license.

Most Popular CakePHP Plug-Ins to Boost Your Web Application

Cakephp is one of the widely used PhP based web application frameworks. It is written in Php programming language and is based on the Ruby on Rails Concept. Cakephp is mainly used for creating blogs and websites. Cakephp Plugins are a great idea added to CakePHP that allows you to create a mini web application inside your main web application. This mini web application you can then distribute to other users, or your other projects, to reduce re-inventing the wheel so much.

CakePHP or CodeIgniter: Which one to Choose?

Open source frameworks have been a blessing for the web development world. There are various open source PhP based frameworks available. But a question arises – which one to go for? One should not select a framework simply because it is the best. Otherwise it may lead to frustration. Here is a comparison of the two most popular PhP based frameworks – Cakephp and CodeIgniter.

Both these frameworks are open source and therefore are available for free. Also, there is no factor of price comparison. Cakephp and CodeIgniter support the MVC architecture and are best suited for object oriented programming. When it comes to robustness and strictness of conventions, Cakephp is better.

Using Lightbox with CakePHP

LightBox is a well-known application based on JavaScript. It was created by Lokesh Dhakar. This Application allows users to view larger versions of images without having to leave the current page. With it, one can also view simple slideshows. While LightBox is dependent upon a browser’s compatibility with Prototype to function, it is triggered through a standard link tag. Thus browsers that do not support JavaScript simply load the image as a separate file.

Vamcart – The Best Cakephp Based Shopping Cart

Vam cart is a Cakephp based shopping cart which is extremely easy to install and it supports unlimited products and categories. Vam Cart is the fastest growing shopping cart based on Cakephp.

Offshore Cakephp Development Services by Biztech Consultancy

The demand for offshore Cakephp development in India has increased in the past few years. Indian web companies offer a wide range of Cakephp Development Services at affordable rates. Their services include Cakephp web development, Cakephp customization, Cakephp Shopping Cart Development, Cakephp Web Maintenance, Cakephp Phpbb Integration, Cakephp Amazon API Integration, Cakephp Custom Component Development, Cakephp Content Management System and Cakephp Facebook Application Integration.

Hire CakePHP Developers for best Web Development Services

Cakephp uses well-known design patterns and provides a structured framework that enables Cakephp Developers to rapidly develop and customize robust web applications, without any loss of flexibility. At Biztech, our Cakephp experts have profound knowledge of PHP, AJAX, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, and XHTML. Hire our Cakephp Developers and see the difference.

CakePHP – One of the Best Web Application Frameworks

Cakephp is one of the best php based open source frameworks. It is a fast application development framework for PHP that employs basic designs patterns such as, MVC, Association Data Mapping, Active Record, and Front Controller. Cakephp has brilliant core security and CRUD features that permits to secure the user submission process in less time. One can customize the forms and options based on unique requirements by automatically producing a scaffold for CRUD activities.