Most Popular CakePHP Plug-Ins to Boost Your Web Application

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admin in  Cakephp  on 6, Feb 2014
Cakephp is one of the widely used PhP based web application frameworks. It is written in Php programming language and is based on the Ruby on Rails Concept. Launched in 2005, it is distributed under the MIT License. Cakephp is mainly used for creating blogs and websites.
Cakephp Plugins are a great idea added to CakePHP that allows you to create a mini web application inside your main web application. CakePHP plugins can still be very useful for decreasing code time between projects. This mini web application you can then distribute to other users, or your other projects, to reduce re-inventing the wheel so much. CakePHP Development is very easy and the best for programmers and developers who need a reliable and tested framework to simplify their web development process.

Here are some of the popular Cakephp Plug-ins

  • CakePHP Comments Plugin
    Comments plugin is a universal comment system that can be attached to any controller with a few lines of code. The comments plugin will allow you to make any kind of data comment-able.
  • CakePHP Search Plugin
    Search plugin is an easy way to include search into your application. Using this plugin you will able to have paginable search in any controller. Plugin support simple methods to search inside models using strict and non-strict comparing, but also allows you to implement any complex type of searching.
  • Facebook Cakephp Plug-in
    With this Plug-in one can effectively integrate Cakephp applications with Facebook. It provides brilliant features and excellent interface to the Facebook API. This Plug-in has a full featured authentication via Facebook Connect. It works flawlessly with an in built user authentication system via AuthComponent -OR- Facebook Connect and it can also work as primary authentication system.
    It is extremely easy to set up. One can easily create dynamic and customizable Facebook content with CakePHP plug-ins. It can share by the users and they can find their choice on you website you’re your friends. It also allows users to become Facebook fans of your site.
  • Spark Plug Cakephp Plug-in
    This Plug-in uses the Authsome component and uses a very simple access control routine. Spark Plug is easy to install. The Multi User Registration/Login enables your project to have multi-user access. However this Plug-in is only used for User Management. It has nothing in the dashboard but the change password page and log out. So it is very useful for those who want to start a new multi-user site or software. It requires Php 5.2, MySQL and Cakephp 1.3.
  • CakePHP Tags Plugin
    The tags plugin includes the Taggable Behavior that allows you to simply tag everything. It saves all tags in a tags table and connects any kind of records to them through the tagged table. You can specify alternate tables for both in the case you get *A LOT* records tagged.
There are so many strategies which provide a powerful platform to increase your website popularity by installing user friendly plug-ins. Plug-ins are basically used to provide easy functionalities to your websites. That will become the biggest reason of attraction of customers towards your website and it increases your online business.