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Must-know Facts About CakePHP - An Excellent PHP Framework

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PHP being an open source web development platform offers advanced web solutions that are compatible with modern technologies to the businesses aiming long term success. PHP is packed with several other frameworks used for website services like web development, CMS development, web customization, shopping cart development. CakePHP is one of such

Magnificent Shopping Cart Plugins Supported by CakePHP

Plugins Supported by CakePHP

Professional developers, offering brilliant CakePHP solution, hold a thorough knowledge about every aspect useful for creating desired output. Your online store, in addition to having eye-catchy look and appearance should also have the best performance. Shopping cart being the part of your online store has a very important role. Due to myriads

How CakePHP 3.0 Differs from its Earlier Versions?

CakePHP 3.0

PHP is the platform used by numerous avid developers. It is used for fulfilling various web development challenges. Being one of the most popular open source development platforms, it is being used widely for incredible web development solutions. PHP platform consists of many outstanding frameworks like Yii, CodeIgniter etc. CakePHP is one of

Don'ts for CakePHP Shopping Cart Development

CakePHP Shopping Cart Development

CakePHP is the framework that is widely used for web development services. It is built using MVC architecture and so using it would save a lot time and money while web development process. Due to several features and functionalities CakePHP offers, shopping cart development becomes highly comprehensive fulfilling all its user’s requirements.