CSS Sprites – Lowers the Website Loading Time Substantially

CSS Sprites is imperative for a website to be user friendly. Web developers try hard to reduce a website’s loading time. But sometimes, it might happen that a large fraction of images can make pages of a web portal to load slowly. This can be quite annoying for your visitors. They take seconds to decide whether they should stay on the site or not.

So, what’s the solution for this problem?
Well, programmers take the help of CSS Sprites. It is the CSS property of sprites wherein they combine miscellaneous images to form a single image or master image which helps in page comprising of images. With this, a website can load faster.
CSS Sprites is a highly developed technique used for reducing the load of your server. Herein, developers apply CSS Sprites in combination with background position CSS property to create a master image. The process starts with collection of individual sprites. Afterwards each one is placed together to create single image, called the master image with proper spacing between them. A professional needs to use CSS background positioning for setting sprites position.
Multiple images used throughout a website take lot of time to load when a request is sent to the web server. This can be reduced provided one combines images to form a single file and then positions with CSS. Less number of HTTP requests will ultimately reduce website loading speed. In simple terms, CSS Sprites help in reducing the file size by creating a master image for multiple images and thereby, decrease loading time of website and enhance its performance.
The property of CSS sprites tends to work great only in a pixel-based design and very hard-to-use in elastic designs because of restricted background-position-property. By making use of CSS Sprites, one can easily reduce number of HTTP requests. The best thing about this is that it helps in saving bandwidth. With all advanced solution CSS is the best tool for Website Designing.
CSS script makers are like texture creation application that can speed up to animating. Its images simplify the structure of your website and it displays the graphic clearly. Its built-in intelligent algorithm can automatically create CSS selectors for mouse over and other image states. Images play a big role to attract the reader’s attention. With the help of CSS you can complete this task within short time period.

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