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Web 2.0 – Tends To Modernize Your Website

Web 2.0 – Tends

Web 2.0 is trending nowadays as lots of dynamic content is being posted every day to create the internet a live source of information. Earlier the scenario was different as much dynamic content was not introduced. Every website would prefer web 2.0 due to its liveliness.

How Web 2.0 is Different?

Web 2.0 sites

HTML5 – A New Face Of Game Development

HTML5 Game Development

The future of HTML5 (Hyper Text Mark-up Language version 5) seems to be effective for the game development industry. Web developers have started creating more and more online games using this platform, as internet browsers start to support features game.

HTML5 is an open standard tool of choice for web designers entering the competition

Firebug Tool – Imperative For Website Designing

Firebug Tool

Firebug is the tool introduced by Mozilla Firefox for its web browser. Its allows a developer to change HTML code for the websites. It also provides various tools to amend and modify JavaScript.

Glimpse of Firebug

Firebug has improved the command and control of the user over the website by providing a lot of

You Are Only Few Steps Away - From Your Website


For a website to be popular, it should fulfill the needs and wishes of its users. With this arises the need to strategize a plan before designing a web site.

The strategies need to be decided in designing of website, along with the needs to ensure a smooth coordination between the client and Web Designing Company.