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Omni-Channel Shopping – A Gift to Next Generation Buyers

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“Powerful marketing strategies can attract customers,” this sentence has become outdated now. With the arrival of tech savvy shopping era, eCommerce businesses are forced to implement smart marketing techniques. Omni-channel shopping is the most advance marketing concept where customers are targeted through different channels (including

Is Personalized Shopping Forthcoming Generation Trend?

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“Online shopping” are the words that can excite millions of users as well as scare many. As we all know there are pros and cons of every aspect and so is the case with eCommerce applications. But, in this case the myriad of benefits overshadow comes its scary side. Majority of the world’s population, surrounded by technology all the time,

It’s Time to Give Your Business Online Exposure!

It’s Time to Give Your Business Online Exposure

“Building an official business website costs too much”, this misconception is quite popular among small business vendors. They may even believe that an online business identity cannot affect much on their sales and revenue generation. Actually, digitization has affected every segment, including business without any online identity.

Things to Consider for E-commerce Migration

E-commerce Migration

E-commerce store is a virtual store; it has the untouched architecture and structure. Shifting / migrating your e-commerce store is not at all easy as many of the aspects are considered. It is not a brick and mortar store that can be easily migrated from one place to another, in-fact moving the virtual store is more tedious. It takes lot of