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Fcommerce – All you Want to Know

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites. Utilizing the social platform – Facebook, for doing business is termed as Fcommerce. Fcommerce is a platform that allows online business owners to interact with their customers and get their views about their products and improve their products as per customer demand.

Successful Fcommerce Strategies for your Brand

Fcommerce or Facebook Commerce means buying or selling products or services through Facebook either directly or through Facebook Open Graph. Facebook helps organizations to directly interact with their customers, get their feedbacks and establish a profitable relationship with people via the social media. Organizations that integrate their websites with Facebook are becoming more popular and widespread these days.

The Most Popular Facebook Applications for iPad

Facebook apps for ipad makes it easy to shoot and upload pictures and video with the iPad’s cameras, and Facebook Groups and Chat will feature a more iPad-friendly look and feel. Here are some of the most useful and widely used facebook apps for iPad.

All about the Facebook Wikimono Widget

The Facebook Wikimono Widget allows you to plan the agenda for your next meeting. With Wikimono, one can create any type of wiki. There is no need to have technical expertise. It is such a widget that enables one to bookmark the wikis on the Facebook profile. Wikimono has brilliant tools to edit documents. E-mails, now, have become a thing of past. Forget about the tiring job of opening, renaming, saving and then sending a file. Wikimono is here to do the job.

An Overview of Facebook Markup Language (FBML)

Facebook is one of the widely used social networking sites. Facebook launched their own platform for complementing their API in 2007, which uses FBML. It stands for Facebook Markup Language which is similar to HTML. FBML allows one to build Facebook applications that deeply integrate into a user’s Facebook experience. FBML has the ability to add newsletter subscription forms, download e-books, and other HTML-based elements. One should have the working knowledge of HTML in order to use this.

Facebook – An Emerging Platform for Selling Goods Online

Facebook pages can be quite a dynamic location for your brand. By utilizing shopping cart software built exclusively for Facebook, retailers can now sell products right on their Facebook pages. Such e-commerce platforms are in their nascent stage of development. These platforms can be beneficial to those organizations which have large fan presence.

The Most Popular Mobile Facebook Apps

Over 200 million users access Facebook from a mobile device every month. Facebook Platform lets you bring these users and their friends to your mobile apps, creating a more engaging and personalized experience. For thoses out there who don’t want to browse Facebook from a mobile browser, and want to install a 3rd party Facebook application on their phone, MobileFacebook is the first Facebook mobile application for phone. Works on nokia, motorola and samsung + others.

Facebook Open Stream API

The Open Stream API allows the developers to use the facebook activity stream inside their own applications. Moreover, users can choose whether their data is shared. The new Facebook Open Stream API is two-way, which allows developers to build apps which allow for that two-way communication inside the app. The stream API has opened up the possibility for many new applications both within Facebook and outside its walls.

Useful Applications for making Money on Facebook

Nowadays, social networking sites like Facebook are used for a whole lot of business purposes. Companies across the globe are using this platform to promote their goods and services. This has lead to a huge spurt in the Facebook Application Development market worldwide. Also, now it is possible to make money on Facebook with the help of some applications.

The Importance of Social Media Integration

Social media has the power to connect to a bigger and global audience. It can help increase the number of followers and prospects. It brings forth new avenues for bringing in new customers from places which were previously untapped. It provides real social interaction to motionless corporate sites, showing real world customer contact.