Free-Gift PromoBot Extension – A fabulous Sales Promotion Tool

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admin in  Magento Extensions  on 9, Dec 2013

Want a tool that helps you in promoting sales?
Do you to increase your customer loyalty?
The Free-Gift PromoBot Module allows online merchants to promote sales that one might expect from Magento’s original “Buy X, Get Y Free”.

What is Free-Gift PromoBot Plus?

Free-Gift PromoBot Plus module provides the ability to create ‘Buy X, Get Y Free’ or ‘Buy X, Get Y Or Z Free’ promotions that automatically or give options to add discounted/free item(s) to the shopping cart. This means customers do not need to navigate to and add a free item to take advantage of the promotion.

Magento Free-Gift PromoBot Extension – Overview

This Extension is created by a leading Magento Extensions Development Company, TinyBrick. This Module automatically adds admin- free products to the shopping cart, specified conditions, when customers fulfill certain conditions. For instance, buy a T-shirt over $60 and get a purse free. Customers need not find and add the product to the cart.

With this Extension, online store owners can also create Shopping Cart Price Rules as they currently stand in Magento. It adds an additional action which automatically adds product(s) to the cart for free. However the module has a restriction which the Company plans to address in future. A condition which does not specify actual products MUST be layered with a condition which does. Any rule using this new extended promotional action must include at least 1 condition to specify product (sku, category, item price, etc.).


  • Auto corrects pricing for free items if certain conditions are met
  • Modules are packaged with PEAR for simple install / uninstall
  • Excellent documentation support
  • Admin can select any product, across categories, and even specify multiple, different products to be added by a single action
  • One can limit the number of free products per transaction
  • Extends Magento’s existing shopping cart price rules

This is the only module that makes your shopping cart rules like currently it stayed in to the Magento website. This module provides you facility to set up rules for all the web store categories. It will become beneficial to the customer because of its flexibility. The expert programmers of web development companies are more flexible to install the module easily in to the website.