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Biztech Wishes Everyone a Delightful Easter Sunday!

happy easter

Easter Sunday is the most significant day for the Christian community, celebrated around the world. It is being celebrated as the resurrection of Jesus after his death, which occurred two days before i.e. the Friday falling before the day of resurrection. This Friday is also known as the Good Friday. There is a popular belief that Easter Sunday

Biztech Consultancy Wishes Everyone a Holy Friday!

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Holy Friday also known as Good Friday falls on the preceding Friday of the Easter Sunday. This day is celebrated as the day when Jesus was crucified. Well, you might be thinking that it should be called as bad Friday or a sorrowful Friday. But the name “Good” is originated from the word “God’s” i.e. God’s Friday, which was later

#Holi Event Celebration 2015 - Biztech Consultancy

Biztech Holi 2015

We Biztechians, celebrated Holi – The festival of colors with amusing Event named “Anthony Kaun?”. The main attraction of event is to find tuning partner of the objects provided to them with Actions & Expressions only. That was such a great event that ends with small snacks party and followed by HOLI celebration.

Happy Republic Day to Everyone

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26th January 1950 was a great day in the history of India. It’s been 65 years since India became republic by dint of the relentless efforts of the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi and several other martyrs. Numerous freedom fighters lost their lives in offering India its governmental phase. Since then, India has been enjoying its