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Biztech Consultancy Turns 8: Celebrating 8 Years of Journey!

8th Anniversary Biztech

It’s been 8 years since the company was founded. Biztech has travelled through rough weathers but not without several real achievements.

We celebrated our 8th Foundation Day on 16th December, 2014. This event started with a lamp lighting ceremony, followed by award ceremonies where employees received awards and certificate for their

Oh, Wow Its Cyber Monday!


The Monday that follows the Thanksgiving, always sets a history in the annual revenue collection. Introduced in 2005, this day was basically made by the marketing companies to encourage people to buy online. Considering the sales records of previous years, it is clear that this day will surely boost the sales ratio, pushing the holiday season

Black Friday is Back!


Black Friday is always celebrated on the next day of the Thanksgiving Day in United States. It symbolizes the starting of the festive season sales. This day is not a holiday, still a big day for holiday sales.

History of Black Friday

This day is named by Philadelphia Police Department as it caused huge traffic on

Wish You A Wonderful Thanksgiving!


It’s November, the most awaited holiday has arrived. Thanksgiving Day is the favorite holiday mainly in the US and Canada followed by many other countries. It is the time when people thank for whatever they have and pray for the forthcoming year to be blessed the same way.

Families spend time together for cooking, eating and giving. It