HTML to WordPress Conversion

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admin in  Wordpress  on 12, May 2014
Static HTML is one of the oldest coding methods since the beginning of the World Wide Web Still going strong, and still trusted by the majority of web developers. Teamed up with CSS it’s still the most widely used and stable developing method used. You can make a Static HTML review site but it won’t be as good for drawing in visitors from the search engines as a WordPress review site. This is because WordPress can be highly optimized to pull in search engine traffic. What’s more WordPress is completely free.
If you’re confident with your HTML and CSS coding skills, it should be very easy to step up for the challenge of converting an HTML To WordPress Theme. WordPress is the most user-friendly Open Source Content Management System (CMS) for managing your Web Site on regular basis. Let’s we have Static Web Site and .html web page on the site and we want to move it to WordPress. Less the number of static pages, less the effort is required to convert. WordPress websites are referred as dynamic and the pages have different ending like .PHP .Wordpress. It just takes couple of hours when it comes to changing website content and working with a blog.

Here is an easiest way to convert your Static HTML Web Site to WordPress.

  • Install WordPress in the root of this domain.
  • Immediately copy the Index.html to the WP Theme folder, and rename it Home.php.
  • Leave the permalinks with their default settings. This keeps you from having problems with existing pages.
  • Copy the contents from About.html and create a page called About
  • Copy the contents of your other files and make pages with the exact same names. If your page names are different than the titles, you can edit the permalinks to match the filename (without the html extension).
  • Once the data is copied and you have the look you want, change the permalinks to /%postname%.html
  • For PAGES to use the HTML Extension you need a plugin as Word Press only applies the Permalinks structure to the posts. Recommended HTML Extension Plugin -> WordPress Hero
  • Install this Plugin first for the pages.
  • Remove the old static pages, I suggest keeping them just in case you have a problem, but you need to move them out of the root.
  • Copy the index.html contents to the file you want to be your home page, and delete the Home.php file. Typically this is the index.php in the theme; however you may want to use a static page depending on the site setup. You can change this in WP Settings.