Importance of WordPress Backup Tools

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admin in  Wordpress  on 19, May 2014
Since its launch, WordPress has been the favourite of the web development community. This open source software has made it easier for website owners to manage their websites. Also, it has helped them in retaining and attracting customers. However, it is imperative that a blog is protected from being totally erased. Here comes in the importance of WordPress Backup Tools. With these remarkable tools you are rest assured that you don’t lose everything from your blog.
One should always have a backup of the WordPress database, information posted on the WordPress blog, and the comments & links that are posted. This greatly helps when accidentally a database gets erased while making changes or in case of corruption error. The codex gives you ample information about how to back up your WordPress data.
These tools should be used depending on how often you post on your WordPress blog. Having frequent backups helps a lot. Multiple backups are particularly important in case when there is incredibly important information in your blog. Business organizations should backup their blogs frequently; otherwise it can be a nightmare for them. Therefore, having multiple backups is a good thing despite it is excessive.
There are ways to make sure certain areas of your blog are backed up without having to provide backups for less important areas that tend to take up a lot of data like anti-spam and statistics plugins. Deselect the areas that do not require backup. Backups can also be automated. This can be helpful to those who do not have time. With automated backups, you can feel confident your information is backed up and won’t be lost.

How to Take Backup of WordPress Website ?

Two parts of a WordPress site particularly need backup in case of emergency – the database and files. For this, one needs to backup the entire site as well as the WordPress database. A WordPress site consists of the core installation, plugins, themes, files, images, JavaScript scripts, PHP scripts as well as other code files in addition to any additional files or static web pages.
Go for a web host that provides regular backups to make sure all of these areas are backed up. It is one of the easiest ways to backup the software on a site. A web host provider regularly does this. Another backup method is to copy files to your desktop. Using FTP clients will help with this process. Afterwards, one can easily zip the content into a file to save on space. With this one can keep several versions of the information in case one wants to make any changes.
You can also handle backups yourself by using PHP or the cPanel assistance, but ensure that this will work with the assistance from your web host. Just go through the WordPress backup tools on the WordPress codex to make sure that you are able to transfer your database information using phpMyAdmin. This is extremely easy. But consult with your web host provider for any additional assistance, or checkout the WordPress site directly.