Some important aspects regarding Small Website Development

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admin in  Web Design  on 12, Feb 2014
Want to have a global presence?
Then you should initially go with a small business website which can help you earn trust and loyalty of your customers. Here are some important points to be considered while designing small website for your business.
Having a simple and user friendly website greatly helps. In order to attract more visitors the navigation structure of the website must be kept simple and clear. It should be such that even a child can easily browse through your website. Avoid building complicated websites.
Avoid flash pages. These are introductory pages to your website. They typically contain graphic or logo, animation or flash movie, choice of how to enter the site and technical requirements (browser, version etc.). It can cause your website to load slowly. You can lose your visitors in case your website loads slowly. Beautiful images are of no use if they take time to load. Also, avoid audio. Do not make the mistake of looping audio as it may annoy your visitor. And even if your feel like having audio on your website then make sure that your visitor has control over the volume or has play/pause button.
Next, important thing to be considered is to avoid the usage of banner advertisements. Do not waste your time and energy on these types of advertisements people just ignore them completely. People look for information so providing them content with information is a sensible option. You need to weave relevant links into your links so that your visitors feel like buying your products and services instead of being push away.
Keep the content short and lucid so that is easy for the visitor to read and understand. In case there is enough content, try to break it in paragraphs. To make people know what your business is all about, it is necessary that people come to know about the website. It is only possible when your website is easily accessible. And the accessibility is enhanced by making the website SEO friendly. When your website would come under easy notice of people, it is but obvious that traffic would increase automatically.
By keeping these simple yet important things in mind you can build great and effective website for your business.