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Magento Geo Location Extension – a great way to make your online store safer from deceitful orders

Magneto GEO Location Extension allows online store owners to view the IP addresses and geographical locations of their customers. It thereby helps them to know about those who place fraudulent orders. With online shopping increasing day after day, it has become utmost essential for store owners to remain vigilant. Increase in online shopping has also led to an increase in scams. The Magento Geo Location Extension will help you to the extended IP information.

Enhance your advertising with the Magento Image Slider Extension

Now you don’t need to edit your Magento website template for each new image, banner, or advertisement anymore. With the Image Slider Magento extension, you get a highly-professional and easy-customizable images rotator which will improve your banner advertising experience.

Managing orders now becomes easier with the Order Tags Magento Extension

The Order Tags Magento extension is a perfect solution for those who want to organize, prioritize, and filter orders by their attributes. Our tagging module for Magento gives store administrators an ability to set a tag (icon) for each order manually or specify conditions for their automatic assignment.

Magento Delivery Date and Notice Extension

With the help of Magento Delivery Date and Notice module, customers can mention the arrival dates of their products. The best thing is that they will be informed immediately as to when the delivery cannot be made. Apart from mentioning the delivery time, customers can also specify the minimal interval time between the order and delivery date. Configuring these settings in your store is very easy and simple. The module also provides an option that leaves a message for the delivery person.

Follow Up Email Magento Extension – An awesome Customer Relationship Management Tool

If you are really getting worried by these questions, here is an endearing solution for you. The Follow Up Email Magento Extension helps you maintain track of your customers. No matter whether your customers are using your shopping carts or not, they will always remain stored in your records. Customer relationships, thus, can be redeemed even after a long pause of business transactions.

Magento Checkout Promo Extension Reviews

The Checkout Promo Magento extension will help you to increase your revenue per buyer with smartly-devised and well-placed promotional banners on your Shopping Cart and Checkout pages. Trigger impulse purchases with contextual marketing messages based on the rules you create.

Search Autocomplete and Suggest Extension Reviews

The Search Autocomplete and Suggest Magento extension makes it simple for your customers to find exactly what they need quickly and conveniently. With this extension live search becomes more easier as user can get a quick overview of your products without waiting the search result pages to be displayed (without refreshing).