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admin in  Magento  on 15, May 2014
Magento has won the hearts of millions of web developers and online store owners across the globe. It is undoubtedly the best e-commerce platform available over the web. The demand for Magento Development, in recent years has witnessed unprecedented rise. It is written in Php Programming language and built on the components of the Zend framework that offers all sorts of functionalities for a website. Being an open source e-commerce solution, it offers flexibility to customize the look, content & functionality of an online store. Our web developers are well versed with Magento e-commerce integration detailing.

  • Magento CMS Integration
    Our team of Magento Developers has expertise in integrating magento with cms based websites. Be it integrating with a Drupal website or Joomla website, we are proficient at both. We have experience in setting up sites which have powerful e-commerce applications and simple to use CMS.
  • Magento ERP Integration
    We provide customized ERP integration solutions for Magento stores. This allows our clients to maximize their store effectiveness, enabling centralized access of data across the whole business, keeping it relevant, up-to-date and as useful as possible. Many of them have seen their online businesses turn around by virtue of the explicit solutions that we provide.
  • Facebook Integration with Magento
    This includes adding a Facebook ‘Like’ button to an online store’s product pages to allow customers to show their appreciation for individual products. It includes integrating a widget of the latest news from a store’s Facebook profile.
  • Magento WordPress Integration
    Our WordPress Blog and Magento Integration Service offer a hassle-free way to enhance both WordPress and Magento implementation. It is particularly important for the e-commerce stores wanting the added benefit of value added information for their visitors, for SEO purposes, or for those who have both these systems implemented and would like to merge them.
  • Magento Payment Gateway Integration
    Out Magento Professionals are experts at integrating online stores with payment gateways.