6 Innovative Magento Integration Solutions

The demand for Magento Development has increased in recent years. This is a standalone platform to add functionalities to a website. Professional web developers are well versed with various platform integration with Magento.

Magento Integration Solutions
  • Magento CMS Integration

    Developers are experts in integrating Magento with CMS based websites. The vendors hold the proficiency in integrating with Drupal or Joomla CMS based websites. They also indulge into setting up sites that have powerful e-commerce applications and easy to use CMS.

  • Magento ERP Integration

    Vendors also provide a seamless ERP integration into the Magento stores. This allows the customers to maximize the effectiveness of their stores, keep it up-to-date and enable centralized access of data across the whole business. This helps them grow their online business.

  • Facebook Integration with Magento

    This includes adding a Facebook ‘Like’ button to an online store’s product pages to allow customers to show their appreciation for individual products. It includes integrating a widget of the latest news from a store’s Facebook profile.

  • Magento WordPress Integration

    The integration service enhances both WordPress and Magento implementation. On merger of WordPress and Magento, advantages of both the platforms can be enjoyed.

  • Magento Payment Gateway Integration

    Magento professionals are experts in integrating online stores with payment gateways.

  • Magento Quickbooks Integration

    This Magento Quickbooks Integration helps merchants to connect their online store’s data to accounting data from Quickbooks. On predefined intervals the synchronization process is performed for keeping the data at both the fronts updated.

Integrating Magento with an ERP application, CRM solution or with WordPress is very common to meet the customer requirements. There are several other integration solutions provided by magento developers for reducing the complexity of an e-commerce website and to meet the expected outcome. Hire the best professional, given your business needs, and watch the results.

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