The Absolute Future – Magento Mobile

Magento has impressed the web community across the world with its functionality and advanced features. Nowadays there seems to be a huge increase in the usage of mobile devices for online searching. People have started shopping using their mobile phones. For this, e-businesses have to be ready for such changes. Magento have supplied with the world’s first mobile commerce system to this need.

Magento Mobile

Magento translates an existing e-commerce site into a mobile app, compatible for all types of devices and packed with whole catalog, product search, a shopping cart, ratings, and reviews. It supports iPhone, iPad and Android tablets too.

A retailer’s product catalogue is transformed into a fully-functional and native application that makes shopping an enriching experience. Magento Mobile is absolutely reliable, trustworthy and secure. With the brilliant page functionality and navigation, customers can enjoy the benefits of product integration in the Magento store.

Why Magento Mobile?

Admin can access and integrate with your store’s catalogue, checkout, inventory, reporting, and other features. There are professional service providers offering quality services at affordable prices. It allows you concentrate on selling instead of dealing with the latest upgrades and/or complicity issues. You need to pay only for the features and devices you want. Magento handles the ongoing maintenance of your application in the iTunes and Android marketplaces. Manages efficiently the storefronts from a single portal.

Customers can easily and quickly update colours and layout of the application with the Magento mobile admin, with its customization feature. It can easily manage multiple devices with a single installation.

Magento apps is integrated with your store’s catalog, checkout, inventory, reporting. It can extend your mobile presence to iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Complex apps can be easily managed. Its cost-efficient approach allows you to bring best-in-class mobile experience to the customers.

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