Magento Mobile – The Future of Mobile Commerce

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admin in  Magento  on 16, May 2014
Magento has impressed the web community across the world with its excellent functionality and advanced features. With it, building multiple shopping carts is extremely easy. Nowadays there seems to be a huge increase in the use of mobile devices for internet search purposes. More and more people are shopping from their mobile phones. Therefore, e-businesses have to be ready for such changes. Magento Mobile is the world’s first mobile commerce system.
Magento Mobile resurrects an online store owner’s website for mobile browsers. It essentially translates an existing e-commerce site into a mobile app that fits each device, complete with a full catalog, product search, a shopping cart, ratings, and reviews. It supports iPhone, iPad and Android.
A retailer’s product catalogue is transformed into a fully-functional, branded, and native application. This application makes shopping an enriching experience for buyers. Also, it is as quick as lightening. Buyers can be rest assured of security. Magento Mobile is absolutely reliable and trustworthy. Its navigation is easy. The page functionality is also brilliant. Online merchants can enjoy the benefits of a satisfied customer base with a hassle free product that fully integrates into their existing Magento store.

What Benefits does Magento Mobile bring?

Its admin will fully integrate with your store’s catalogue, checkout, inventory, reporting, and other features. You do not have to worry about submitting your online store application. Magento will do it for you. The time and complexity of maintaining application standards will be taken care of for a low monthly fee. And, therefore, you can concentrate on selling instead of dealing with the latest upgrade and/or complicity issues.
With Magento Mobile you can enhance you customer relationships through Smartphone. Geo-targeting and the ability to provide users with an immersive native experience are enhanced with Magento Mobile. Managing storefronts from a single portal will save time and improve efficiencies. Customizing and creating different reports is also simplified with Magento Mobile. Device oriented features and branded themes can be added and modified with just a few clicks. One can easily and quickly update colours and layout of the app with the new Magento mobile admin, even after customers have downloaded the app.
Magento Mobile, if used properly, can bring immense benefits to store owners.