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Windows 10 Enters Tech Market!

Windows 10 Enters Tech Market

In our October post, we had given you the brief introduction about Microsoft’s new version of Windows i.e. Windows 10, before its launch. Well, it’s the time every Windows fan would celebrate as Windows 10 was showcased with a bang.

In an event organized by Microsoft, it was stated that, this newer version of Windows will be offering

Windows 10 Previews at a Glance!

Windows 10 Previews

Microsoft has announced Windows 10 OS launch recently. The previews and videos of this is available for tech savvy Microsoft fans. But the launch date is not yet revealed. No one would ever expect that Windows 10 would be the next version from Microsoft after Windows 8. “Windows 10 is power packed with some major (and long awaited)

.Net Website Development - A Splendid Solution


.Net is the revolutionary technology that has helped businesses to deal with the dynamic and accelerated website requirements of the modern business. Microsoft .NET applications are widely used for creating a robust and flexible website.

.NET technology have brought about a significant shift in technology paradigms, enabling developers

.Net Development – Things to Consider Before Outsourcing

.Net Development

The revolutionary technology that .NET has brought has helped businesses to deal with the rapid and dynamic pace of the modern world, which is highly competitive. At this point of time .NET project Development is most widely used for designing websites and overcoming the complications related to web designing. Microsoft .NET Development