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All About Android Application Development

Android Application Development

Android is a Linux-based operating system. Being an open source framework, it also has a Java library. Android is a software stack for mobile devices because it includes an operating system, key application and middleware. This platform is a popular platform to develop mobile applications.

The android SDK provides the tool and APIs for

Fun Fragment - Blackberry Game Development Services

Blackberry Game Development

Blackberry is a renowned smartphone used across the world. It is the brainchild of a Canadian Company, Research in Motion. It is the favorite tool of the business community. It can be used for both business and entertainment purpose. The mobile gaming industry across the globe is witnessing a huge surge as people continue to buy smart phones.

iOS Apps Development Services – An Absolute Solution

iOS Apps Development

Smart Phones are everywhere where it has proved their effectiveness in terms of business and entertainment. Across the world, millions of people use these devices for a variety of purposes and so the demand for developing applications for such mobile phones is on the rise.

Why iPhones & iPads are liked the

The Most Popular Mobile Facebook Apps


Facebook is the most popular social networking site with a whopping 500 million active user base. Such social networking sites are used for various purposes – entertainment and business.

Here are some of the most popular mobile Facebook apps —