One More PHP Gift – Netoffice Project Management System

In today’s techno-driven era, in any organization, project management system is utilized for proper, project functioning, right communication, collaboration and overall management and tracking of multiple projects.

Project Management System

What is NetOffice

It is a web driven project management tools scripted in PHP utilizing MySQL. It has surprisingly easy to use user interface, even for novice users. The majority of its features are also used in most other free web based project management tools but what set it apart from the pack is its simple layout and amazing ease of use.

PHP Based Project Management System

It is an open source project management system crafted in PHP scripting language using MySQL database to store the data. It allows you to manage your team/projects information and share it with others. Having four different user settings, for project managers, project administrators, project members as well as a setting for clients, it is equipped with multiple modules like team/client collaboration, user management, multiple access levels, tasks, projects, time tracking, task change history, file approval tracking, notes, client project sites, CRM, and Gantt charts.

Who Should Use NetOffice

This system is an internet-enabled tool ideal managing projects that requires collaboration over the internet. Organizations, such as consulting firms, that rely on separate firm-side and client-side data can benefit most by using NetOffice. This system is divided in two parts –“Internal Project Site” and “Client Project Site.” The project team, excluding the client, can have access to the Internal Project Site. On the Internal Project Site, users are categorized into several categories: Administrator, Manager, and User.

How it Helps Project Managers

This tool can provide project managers with the ability to ensure that key information such as task assignments, status reports, schedules, and other project data are accessible to the respective project teams and clients on demand, wherever they may be working from.

Did you realize how perfectly PHP language and its framework can work to create user-friendly and useful tools/programs for the enterprise?

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