What Is Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is very closely related with software engineering. It is nothing but a group of methodologies and principles for carving out particular software. In simple terms SOA is a collection of services that are essential for the development of loosely coupled distributed applications.

Oriented Architecture

With SOA, the services interact with one another. Now what does this mean? Well, the interaction can mean either data passing or communication between two services regarding coordinating a particular task or activity. A well-known example of SOA is DCOM or Object Request Brokers (ORBs) based on the CORBA specification.

What are the Services Provided By SOA?

SOA offers a way for consumers of services, such as web-based applications, to be aware of available SOA-based services. For instance, various departments within a company may develop and deploy SOA services in different implementation languages.

Service Oriented Architecture is important as it defines how to integrate different applications for a web-based environment. It uses multiple implementation platforms for doing this. SOA describes the interface in terms of protocols and functionality rather than in terms of an API.

Consider The Following Points For Using SOA –

  • Consider the interoperability among diverse systems and programming languages which provides the foundation for integration between applications on dissimilar platforms through a communication protocol. This allows the developer of the application to focus on true application functionality instead of the intricate needs of a communication protocol.

  • Consider the desire to create a federation of resources. Establish and maintain data flow to a federated database system. So, what does this do? Well, it allows new functionality developed to reference a common business format for each data element.

SOA offers great benefits to businesses in terms of adapting quickly to changing market. In fact it can actually help you deliver the best end products and services to your end customers.

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