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Features Encouraging Zend Application Development

Zend Application Development

Zend is one of the PHP frameworks offering myriads of features and functionalities. This framework offers convenience to the developers to come up with their own style of coding rather than following pre-defined coding standards. This framework offers a set of libraries supporting PHP-programming techniques. It also offers standard layouts,

Why is Symfony Framework Beneficial?

Symfony Framework Beneficial

There are distinct PHP frameworks available in the market. It may be difficult to select a framework for building a prominent web solution. Depending on the array of requirements of any business and the features offered by the framework, selection of the platform becomes very simple and accurate. Symfony is one of the best PHP frameworks

Top 5 Tools Simplifying the Task of PHP Professionals


PHP is a renowned client side scripting language used by majority of the developer community due to its open source nature. Professional web developers rely on PHP considering its features like, flexibility, cost, easy integration etc. With this platform independent language, dynamic and interactive websites can be built. Because of the

Top 5 PHP Frameworks for Building a Magnificent Website


PHP is an open source server side scripting language, mainly for creating websites and web applications that uses dynamic databases. Being a robust, server side application it offers multiple functionalities in the development such as strong system security and easy functions. As PHP websites are highly interactive, applications and websites