The Most Popular Mobile Facebook Apps

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admin in  Facebook Application Development  on 11, Dec 2013
Facebook is the most popular social networking site with a whopping 500 million active user base. Such social networking sites are used for various purposes – entertainment and business.

Here are some of the most popular mobile Facebook apps —

  • Twitter
    One can see what friends are up to on Twitter and update Twitter status, right from the Facebook account.
  • FacéDouble Celebrity Look-alike
    Find your celebrity look alike using your Facebook photos or camera phone. Also find friend’s Facedoubles, vote on matches, get the buzz on your celebrity and see the best matches of the day.
  • Text Me
    Allow your friends to send you SMS, photos, and mobile gifts from your profile for free. Text messages, photos, and gifts sent from the page are delivered directly to your phone.
  • Phonebook
    One can talk to Facebook friends by phone. It’s simple and easy. Just add friends to your Phonebook and get numbers to call them. Get the voicemail inside facebook or talk live on your phone. The real phone number is not disclosed and you also have the ooption of blocking any caller completely.
  • 3jam Text Messaging
    You can text message your friends from Facebook. It’s fun and easy. You can SMS with one person or with a group. No one can see the personal phone number and everyone can reply-all.
  • Send SMS – Text Messaging
    This is an application that allows visitors to send SMS text messages from facebook page at no cost. It supports many international cell phone service providers, message history and themes.
  • Instant Messaging
    One can send instant messages to friends on Facebook.
  • Friends GPS
    One can update one’s GeoStatus and see friends. One can also browse Facebook users sorted by distance from the current location.
  • SpringCaster: Video
    With this app you can display all your favorite videos on your profile page. You also have the option to add videos by using your web cam, uploading them from your hard drive or directly from your mobile phone. Friends can watch the videos back via large video player.
  • MyPhone
    This application lets Facebook friends call your phone or leave a voice message while you keep your phone number private.