How Does Magento Extensions Help Your Website?

It is now a necessity for every business to have appealing websites. And, websites have now become an integral part of online promotion strategies. Here comes in the importance of Magento Extensions.

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Besides being an open-source e-commerce web development solution, magento also provides you the customized modules and extensions. It provides great features like marketing promotions and tools. It offers an authority to its customers to access their order status and get the tracking details.

Magento Extensions in Detail
Magento development services also include Magento Extension Development. These extensions are packed with lots of functionality offered by the platform. There are mainly 3 kinds of Extensions: Modules, Interface, and Themes.

  • Modules

    Magento modules are the plugins with extended built-in functionality. Users may install modules by downloading and uploading them on their server or can also apply the extension key through magento connect manager.

  • Interface

    Interface is pack of themes that manage the output and functionalities of your online store. An interface can be offered at the website-level and/or store level through the admin panel. If the interface is assigned at the website-level, all your stores will be able to use the interface of your website.

  • Themes

    A theme is a pack of layout, template, locale and skin files that create the visual appearance of your store. It can load multiple themes at a time.

Magento extensions have offered great help to the business owners around the world. They allow you to create more customized and professional stores which fulfill the needs and demands of your customers. It controls the aspects of e-commerce websites. Thus, there are countless benefits that one can achieve through extensions.

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