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Google Update Rolled out: Mobile Responsiveness is a Must

Mobile Responsiveness

Google has recently announced that your website has to be mobile friendly for getting noticed among popular search engines. Making your website mobile access ready will help it get preference in the search results. This update will majorly affect the websites, which do not have responsive design as Google would now search only device

Marketing Campaign – Indispensable for Businesses!

Marketing Campaign

Marketing campaign for any company/business is very important. Pre-planned, managed and perfectly organized internet marketing campaigns can generate sales faster by dragging huge traffic towards your website. Search engine optimization and social media marketing needs more efforts over marketing campaigns.

Such campaigns require

Do You Want To Improve Your Website Ranking?

Improve Your Website Ranking

Every website is seeking better search engine visibility required for a strong online presence.. Perfectly optimized websites can easily acquire better ranking by popular search engines. Getting a better rank would be a challenge for the websites owners among the plethora of websites hosted on the internet. There are numerous categories of the

Why is Web Content Essential for Success in E-commerce?


“Content is the King” is the most popular quote of web marketing. This simple sentence means a lot for the web owners and the marketers. There are disparities between content and a quality content that keeps a reader engaged.

For every e-commerce website, quality content is equally important as its products and services. Without the