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Building a Great Website – Know the Cornerstones!


Website is the face of your business reviewed online. Attractive website can make your customers return to your website. It has been witnessed that websites having unique look and feel performs well compared to the websites having dull visuals. Content of the website is equally important and often supersedes the significance of design

Why Should Your Business Have a Website?

If you have started a venture recently, there would be many questions and confusions surging in your mind. Whether to use internet for your business would be the one among some obvious questions. Young entrepreneurs use internet as a medium to market their business globally. Having a professional website for your business would affect

7 Phases of System Integration Life Cycle

system integration

A process to contact distinct systems that ensures that integrated system would function flawlessly with the other one. This process allows the coordination of different computing systems and software applications functionally. System integration mainly contains seven distinct and crucial phases.

7 Phases of System Integration