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Groupware Software Solutions - Getting Trendy in Businesses


Groupware Software Solutions have gained popularity these days as they provide buyers a robust platform to share files, deliver them, manage tasks, and schedule activity for a group and much more. Groupware applications are a set of web based programs/tools (having a common interface) that facilitate collaboration and sharing of information

Top 7 Rich Internet Application (RIA) Frameworks

Application (RIA) Frameworks

RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) are web-based applications that functions as traditional desktop applications. No installation is required. Specific tools should be installed on a clients machine that depends on the applications that is being used i.e., ActiveX, Java, Flash, or similar technologies. Before RIAs became popular, most of the web

What is Facebook Markup Language (FBML) about?

Facebook Markup Language

Facebook had launched their own platform for complementing their API in 2007, which uses FBML (Facebook Markup Language) similar to HTML. If you have used HTML then FBML would be quite easy.

FBML allows you to write browser interrupted code to render elements on a Facebook page or application. It allows you to build applications that

AJAX Development - Win-Win Situation for Businesses

AJAX Development

AJAX is used for various web application development purposes worldwide. AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Websites developed using this platform are user friendly and alluring. It uses HTML and CSS to markup and style information. Ajax is a method of employing JavaScript, DHTML, and the XML Http behavior in the browser to