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Custom Coding wins over Readymade Scripts

Readymade script is like a ready-made cloth. You do not need to stitch it and give your ideas on designs. It’s all one from before. You just have to use it. A ready-made web development script would have all the necessary codes required for the website. Where as in custom coding, it includes making the site from scratch as per the designer’s guidelines. It is not a readymade template. First the design is prepared by the designer according to personalized needs of the product and then the site is developed based on it.

Strategies That Should Be Followed While Building Your Dream Website

For a website to be popular amongst its user it should meet with the needs and wishes that its users demand for. With this arises the need to strategize a plan before designing a web site. This purpose is often served by web designing companies who know well decided path to make an acknowledged website.The strategies need not only be decided in designing of website but also to ensure a smooth co ordination between the client and web designing company.

Responsive Website – The new Shape of Future!

In today’s world of cell phone technology, the internet access through mobile phone is not only possible but also at the same time easy and stress free to use for sites that use responsive web designs.The responsive web design adjusts screen content for different sets of mobile devices.

XUL Development – Overview and its Advantages

It is an open source programming language mainly used for developing technical tools to be used for the productive results in various areas such as business and other computer related jobs. XUL stands for XML as it is based on XML programming language. It can also be called a user interface language.

All you Need to Know about CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA is nothing but a program that helps you in knowing whether a user is a computer or human. It generates an image which has distorted letters and different pictures with different letters in different shapes. Finally it requests the user to enter the letters shown in the picture. . It helps websites by protecting them from bots or better known as automated programs written in order to produce spam. Now, CAPTCHA can only be read by humans and not computer generated programs.

Stay ahead of your competitors with Bespoke Web Development Services

Are you frustrated with your website because it’s not giving you enough returns?Want a solution?Then, go for Bespoke Development Services. Bespoke web development or Bespoke application development means solutions are designed to meet a specific need or requirement. Such services are important as no business is similar. Each business has its own requirement.

CSS – An Indispensible Web Development Tool

a website loads easily and quickly with the help of CSS. In case you are developing a website in table layouts, there’s not doubt that it will be very heavy. However, websites developed with the help of CSS are quick and easy to load as they are considered to be lighter.

What is the Difference between a Portal and a Website?

We have often heard the term portal and website. Both of them are sometimes used interchangeably. However there is a difference between the two. Let’s find out all about portals and websites.
Usually a portal is used to describe a website that acts as an entry point or gateway to an array of services. It is obvious that all sites do this to a certain degree but a portal has a wide range of resources including search facility, directory of other sites, news, e-mail and lot more. Whereas a website is a collection of related web pages containing images, videos or other digital assets.

What are Groupware Software Solutions?

Groupware applications are a set of web based programs/tools (having a common interface) that facilitate collaboration and sharing of information among employees/team members. It provides users with a platform to interact and share information, ideas, documents etc. Through our groupware solutions clients can ensure better coordination between team members which in turn will lead to an increase in efficiency and productivity of the employees.