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Good News for WordPress Users: Version 4.3 “Billie” is here!

Good News for WordPress Users Version 4.3 “Billie” is here!

Everyone is aware that WordPress had recently released version 4.2.4 named Billie (named in honor of Billie Holiday, jazz singer). Then the immediate release of the next version is surely packed with some great surprises. Not only the WordPress developers but also the users are excited to know what’s new in this latest version. Is it just a

How Secure is the New WordPress Version 4.2.4 ?

New WordPress Version 4.2.4

Good news for all the WordPress Users: Version 4.2.4 – security and maintenance update is here! WordPress developers were recently provided with the latest version released for reliable web development solutions. Being security and maintenance specific, this update is expected to patch the security loopholes left by earlier version. It mainly

Quick Tips Fixes Slow WordPress Websites Issues

Quick Tips Fixes

Do you own a website built on WordPress platform? Is it lacking better performance? It is possible that your website might get slow with the passing time. Your website visitors can get annoyed, by waiting for the web pages to load. According to the surveys, customers would leave the website if it does not load within 5 seconds. To cut down this

What does your Online Business Identity Really Need?

Online Business Identity

This question boggles the minds of young entrepreneurs frequently. There are many answers to this question as any business requires several aspects to be fulfilled for better performance. Managing essential and authentic information is crucial for enterprises. The best-of-breed solution for this issue is the Content Management System. It