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Importance of WordPress Backup Tools

One should always have a backup of the WordPress database, information posted on the WordPress blog, and the comments & links that are posted. This greatly helps when accidentally a database gets erased while making changes or in case of corruption error. . With Wordpress Backup tools you are rest assured that you don’t lose everything from your blog.

Top-Notch WordPress Widget Development Service

WordPress Widget Development is a must have skill for today’s wordpress designers. With these services, one can increase the list of design features to be offered to WordPress customers. With the WordPress widget development, there are many options to choose from.

Biztech Consultancy – The best Place for Hiring WordPress Developers

Hire dedicated and professional wordpress developers from Biztech to get the best WordPress Development Services. We have years of experience in customizing this awesome blogging tool. Our developers carefully analyze a project’s requirement and accordingly suggest a solution. The WordPress Programming Services provided by us are simply the best. We provide round the clock support to our clients.

Top 10 Benefits of Using WordPress for Website Development

WordPress has significantly altered the ways through which websites are created. It is one of the most effective open source Content Management Systems available today. Due to its huge advantages, it has become the most preferable choice of web developers for Web Development.

Upgrade to WordPress 3.0 – Few simple steps to do it yourself.

Before some time, if you wanted to set up Wordpress multiple users site, the one and only solution is to use WPMU. Unless setting up WPMU site can be bit tricky and difficult. And today, Wordpress 3.0 version makes it possible to create multi user site. The new “Network” feature can easily transfer any kind of blog in to a multi-user site. You can also upgrade/migrate your existing WP blog to a multi-users site within a second.

HTML to WordPress Conversion

WordPress is the most user-friendly Open Source Content Management System (CMS) for managing your Web Site on regular basis. Let’s we have Static Web Site and .html web page on the site and we want to move it to WordPress. Less the number of static pages, less the effort is required to convert. Wordpress websites are referred as dynamic and the pages have different ending like .PHP .Wordpress. It just takes couple of hours when it comes to changing website content and working with a blog.

WordPress Development – Leading Open Source blogging platform

WordPress Development is one of the leading open source blogging platforms. WordPress blog Development is a state of the art publishing platform with a focus on aesthetic, web standard and usability. WordPress features integrated link management, a search engine friendly, a clean permalink structure, multiple author capability and support for tagging of post and article. As WordPress is an open source platform, one of the best features that WordPress has is its flexibility to customize its core functions with plugins to make customization to WordPress blog is simple, making each WordPress blog differs from one another.

WordPress Customization

WordPress is a free and open source blog publishing application. A wordpress is one of the effective ways of popularizing a site to your online visitors. The visitors can interact, post comments. Wordpress is a free, open-source publishing platform, which is used by thousands of people around the world to create blogs. Traditionally, and most often, WordPress is used as the foundation on which to build, and publish a blog to display to the world.